EDAS Fundraising campaign

The English Department Alumni Society, Dhaka University has recently launched a fundraising campaign. This initiative was taken to address the needs of the students, faculty and staff. As an alumnus of this historical department we all feel blessed to have spent the best of our learning days at Dhaka University. This department has given us the knowledge and the skills we needed to shape our professional life. This is the department where we forged personal bonds that strengthens with every passing year. Let us now band together to give back a little to the place that gave us so much.

This fund will be used to broadly address the following issues:
1. Teachers work station & Offices renovation
2. Benevolent fund to address medical expenses for students, faculty and staff in dire need
3. Scholarships
4. Classroom upgrade
5. EDAS Events

Let us all respond to this clarion call and contribute!

Contributions may be made online and for convenience we accept all major credit cards. You may also contribute by sending your cheque to EDAS. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries at: