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American League

Minnesota (Joe Mays 17-13) via Detroit (Jeff Weaver 13-15), 1: 05 gr. erika.

Cleveland (Bartolo Digestive system 14-11) via Kansas Town (Chad Durbin 8-16), two: 05 gr. erika.

Boston (Hideo Nomo 12-10) via Baltimore (Calvin Maduro 5-6), 7: 05 gr. erika.

New You can (Orlando Hernandez 3-7) via Tampa Such (Nick Bierbrodt 2-4), 7: 15 gr. erika.

Oakland (Mark Mulder 20-8) via Anaheim (Ramon Ortiz 13-10), 10: 05 gr. erika.Andy Dalton Jersey

Texas (Aaron Myette 4-4) via Seattle (Brett Tomko 2-1), 10: 05 gr. erika.

National League

Montreal (Mike Thurman 8-11) via Ca (Matt Clement 9-10), 1: 05 gr. erika.

St. Louis (Matt Morris 21-8) via Milwaukee (Jimmy Haynes 8-16), two: 05 gr. erika.

Cincinnati (Jose Acevedo 5-6) via Chi town, il (Kerry Wooden 12-6), two: 20 gr. erika.

Colorado (Denny Neagle 9-7) via Az (Bobby Witt 4-1),A.J. Green Jersey four: thirty-five gr. erika.

Los Angeles (James Baldwin 2-6) via Hillcrest (Jason Middlebrook 1-1), 5: 05 gr. erika.

San Francisco (Russ Ortiz 16-9) via Houston (Dave Mlicki 7-2), 7: 05 gr. erika.

Philadelphia (Brandno Duckworth 3-1) via Atl (John Burkett 11-12), 7: thirty-five gr. erika.


NCAA Department 1-A

Colorado Street. via Louisville, 7: thirty gr. erika.Brandon LaFell Jersey


Williamsburg, Veterans administration. — Michelob Occasion, PGA Tour

Cologne, Philippines — Within german born Professionals, American PGA Tour

Vallejo, Calif. — Samsung Earth Occasion, LPGA Tour



Anaheim via Birkenstock birkenstock birkenstock boston, 7 gr. erika.

Atlanta via Zoysia, 7 gr. erika.

St.Cedric Peerman Jersey Louis via Columbus, 7 gr. erika.

Montreal via Ottawa, 7 gr. erika.

Florida via Philadelphia, 7 gr. erika.

Detroit via San Jose, 10 gr. erika.

Chicago via Vancouver, 10 gr. erika.Russell Bodine Jersey

Phoenix via La, 10: thirty gr. erika.


Tokyo — Parts of asia Open

Moscow — Kremlin Cup


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