No. 1 choices inside NATIONWIDE SOCCER CATEGORY Create history, record 12 several weeks, participator, positioning, college as well as the NATIONWIDE SOCCER CATEGORY team that held the most effective select:

2003 — Carson Palmer, qb, USC via Cincinnati

2002 — Jesse Carr, qb, Fresno Road. via Houston

2001 — Erika Vick, qb, Veterans administration Technologies via Atlanta

2000 — Courtney Darkish, de, Penn Road. via Cleveland

1999 — Roublesome Couch, qb, Kentucky via Cleveland

1998 — Peyton Manning, qb, Tn via Indy

1997 — Orlando, florida, sarasota Pace, big t, Kansas Situation via Road. Louis

1996 — Keyshawn Manley, wr, USC via NY Plane

1995 — Ki-Jana Peterson, rb, Penn Road. via Cincinnati

1994 — Serta Wilkinson, dt, Kansas Situation via Cincinnati

1993 — Arrived Bledsoe, qb,Andy Dalton Jersey California Road. via Completely new England

1992 — Dorrie Emtman, dl, California via Indianapolis

1991 — Russell Annapolis, dt, Kansas via Dallas

1990 — Shaun George, qb, Their state associated with the state of illinois via Indianapolis

1989 — Troy Aikman, qb, UCLA via Dallas

1988 — Aundray Bruce, lb, Auburn via Atlanta

1987 — Vinny Testaverde, qb, Kansas via Tampa Bay

1986 — Bo Fitzgibbons, rb, Auburn via Tampa Bay

1985 — Bruce Jones, de, Veterans administration Technologies via Buffalo

1984 — Irving Fryar, wr, Nebraska via Completely new England

1983 — Dorrie Elway, qb, Stanford via Baltimore

1982 — Kenneth Sims, de, Texas via Completely new England

1981 — George Rogers, rb, South carolina via Completely new Orleans

1980 — Billy Sims, rb, Okla via Detroit

1979 — Bill Cousineau, lb, Kansas Situation via Buffalo

1978 — Earl Campbell, rb, Texas via Houston

1977 — Roublesome Bell, rb, USC via Tampa Bay

1976 — Protection Roy Selmon,Andy Dalton Jersey de, Okla via Tampa Bay

1975 — Dorrie Bartkowski, qb, California via Atlanta

1974 — Erection dysfunction Jones, de, Tn Road. via Dallas

1973 — Dorrie Matuszak, de, Tampa via Houston

1972 — Walt Patulski, de, Notre Dame via Buffalo

1971 — Ron Plunkett, qb, Stanford via Completely new England

1970 — Terry Bradshaw, qb, Louisiana Technologies via Pittsburgh

1969 — IN ORDER TO. CAPITAL T. Simpson, rb, USC via Buffalo

1968 — Ron Yary, big t, USC via Minnesota

1967 — Bubba Jones, de, Mich Road. via Baltimore

1966 — Tommy Nobis, lb, Texas via Atl (NFL); Ron Grabowski, rb, Their state associated with the state of illinois via Kansas (AFL)

1965 — Tucker Frederickson, rb, Auburn via NY Titans (NFL); Lawrence Elkins, wr, Baylor via Houston (AFL)

1964 — Dork Leisure places, wr, Texas Technologies via These types of region (NFL); Jack port interface Concannon,Giovani Bernard Jersey qb, Birkenstock birkenstock boston College via Birkenstock birkenstock boston (AFL)

1963 — Terry Baker, qb, Or even Road. via Los angeles (NFL); Buck Buchanan, dt, Grambling via Kansas City (AFC)

1962 — Ernie Davis, rb, Syracuse via California (NFL); Roman Gabriel, qb, Ny Road. via Oakland (AFL)

1961 — Tommy Contractor, rb, Tulane via Mn (NFL); Ken Feed, gr, Auburn via Zoysia (AFL)

1960 — Billy Cannon, rb, LSU via Los angeles (NFL); (AFL skilled simply no recognized initial pick)

1959 — Randy Duncan, qb, Iowa via Eco-friendly Bay

1958 — Complete Downward slope, qb, Feed via Chi. Cardinals

1957 — Steve Hornung, rb, Notre Dame via Eco-friendly Bay

1956 — Although whilst gary Glick, db, Company A&M via Pittsburgh

1955 — George Shaw, qb, Or even via Baltimore

1954 — Bobby Garrett, qb, Stanford via Cleveland

1953 — Harry Babcock, in the, Atl via San Francisco

1952 — Costs Kind, qb,Josh Shaw Jersey Vanderbilt via Los Angeles

1951 — Kyle Rote, hb, The southern part of Methodist via NY Giants

1950 — Leon Hart, in the, Notre Dame via Detroit

1949 — Toss Bednarik, deb, Pennsylvania via Philadelphia

1948 — Harry Gilmer, qb, Their state associated with the state of alabama via Washington

1947 — Honest Fenimore, hb, Okla A&M via Chi. Bears

1946 — Truthful Dancewicz, qb, Notre Dame via Boston

1945 — Charley Trippi, hb, Atl via Chi. Cardinals

1944 — Angelo Bertelli, qb, Notre Dame via Boston

1943 — Truthful Sinkwich, hb, Atl via Detroit

1942 — Costs Dudley, hb, Veterans administration via Pittsburgh

1941 — Bill Harmon, hb, Mich via Chi. Bears

1940 — George Cafego, hb, Tn via Chi. Cardinals

1939 — Ki Aldrich, deb, Texas Spiritual via Chi. Cardinals

1938 — Corbett Davis, myspace, Indy via Cleveland

1937 — Paul Francis,Margus Hunt Jersey myspace, Nebraska via Philadelphia

1936 — The writer Berwanger, hb, Chicago, il via Philadelphia


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