10 Ways To Wear Leggings To Work When Pants Are Too Much To Deal With — PHOTOS

Unless you’re a yoga instructor, choreographer, or a Jenner, society tends to tell us there’s no room for legging in the workplace. But because we all have days where we just can’t even with pants, it’s important to know that there actually are ways to wear leggings to work. These tricks are so good, your boss and coworkers might not even notice you’re actually wearing leggings underneath the conference table. It’s really all about the length of your shirt and having the best accessories.

In case you’ve missed it, the “are leggings pants” debate is a hot one. Some bloggers state the tight pants catch the wrong kind of attention. Schools have changed dress code policies to not include leggings Accessories, in an effort to “protect students” (from what? Spandex allergies?). I am not here to take a side on the issue, but I can state the obvious: leggings are comfortable and convenient. And there are some days where we can’t even imagine putting on skinny jeans or working an 8-hour day in slacks again Novelty.

So when you have to say no to pants — whether it’s due to sleeping through your alarm or because you just don’t feel like it — these 10 outfits can serve as comfy inspiration.

With athleisure becoming the mainstream, gym clothes are looking more office-appropriate than ever. Try pairing your leggings with a long sweatshirt that covers your butt and crotch Compression Base Layers. I went with a full beauty look, because I did have a meeting on this particular Friday, and made sure my bright shoes were the eye-catching piece of this outfit.

our leggings are totally hidden in this getup Hoodies & Tracksuits. This is my go-to when the weather suddenly drops a million degrees in the winter. I felt like I was wearing a blanket all day (because I practically was) and my knee-high boots hid a pair of fuzzy socks Shorts & Trousers. But best part? My favorite running tights with wool on the inside are completely disguised by everything else going on in this outfit. And I stayed warm all day.

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